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Picking a daily driver / secondary car

June 28, 2010 6 comments

It’s a common occurance in the tuner world that after some time spent being modified, every good tuner car starts to be a pain in the ass to drive daily. This might be due to the ride quality because of suspension modification, fuel consumption due to engine modifications, or even paint fears due to a top notch paint job for a show car. After a while, all tuner cars get to that point.

When your car gets to that “ugh, I don’t really want to drive it every day” point, you need to decide what you are going to use as your daily driver/grocery getter/quick trips around town car. It’s at this point that you run into the interesting part of buying  a car and one of my favorite things to do; look at craigslist for cars.

(Craigslist…your one stop shop for used cars, houses, hookers, no-strings-attached romances, and poetry)

Most people are of the mindset that you should buy a cheap and reliable car to have as your secondary car and I am 100% inclined to agree with them. You should most certainly be looking for a low cost, high volume car such as a Camry, Civic, or some other communter appliance in that category. Often times people make the mistake of buying a car that is cheap, but fun and easy to modify which is a completely horrible idea. If it’s fun and there are parts available for it, you WILL modify it and then you’ll end up with TWO cars that you don’t want to daily drive.

(Two modded cars = zero daily drivers…it’s just simple math really)

Me personally? I give advice, I don’t take it. My girlfriend and I were going through a list of cars we thought might be a good daily driver for me and after considering a 2006 GLI Jetta, a Toyota Tacoma of pretty much any generation, and a few other mostly reasonable choices she jokingly suggested a Porsche. Me, being stupid and…well….being me, I started to look into it. Used 911 (996 generation) Carreras sell for a very reasonable price considering they started out at 60k+ brand new.

(yummmy Porschie!)

Long story short…I’m going to test drive a few and see if I like them. If I do, and I’m really interested in it…you might see me rolling in a 911 Carrera pretty soon on my way to work. Oh, and again contrary to my own advice, I’ve already looked into upgrades…

– No one ever accused Steve of being smart

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Super quick lightning round update

June 18, 2010 3 comments

Car is at the tuners getting some small mechanical things fixed and repaired before it’s fully tuned. They also welded in an A/F sensor bung for me and helped clean up the oil pan’s return fitting so that it wouldn’t spray oil all over the track…

They’re having trouble getting the RPM signal to output so they’re going to run through my wiring harness to see if they can figure out what’s up, but after that it’s onto the dyno for final tuning. Right now, I’m just nervous and stressed out while I wait and get incremental updates.

(Couldn’t find a good representation of “waiting” so here’s a picture of that hot chick from those Bollywood movies that I’ve recently started watching)

In theory, if all goes well (haha, yea right…what are the chances of that happening with this build?) they might be done with the tuning on Saturday afternoon. I’ll be at a beer festival with my girlfriend all day and they’re closed Sundays and Mondays, so the earliest I’ll see my car again is Tuesday. God…the waiting is so brutal.

– Steve has heartburn and needs a valium

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Looking a little bit like a turbo’d car.

June 10, 2010 2 comments

I’ve got all the chargepipes on (kit was missing a silicone coupler so I cannibalized my old kit), the intercooler hooked up, turbo, manifold, downpipe, S-pipe all mounted and ready to go.

All I need to do now is to re-attach the WG and dump tube, get the oil feed line all plumbed, get a few vaccuum lines re-attached, fill the car back up with oil (check for leaks), prime the turbo with oil, then I can get it towed to the tuner’s spot and I’m ready!

Check out the difference between the stock S-pipe and the Descendant one! Descendant one obviously on the left, check all the crimps on the stock pipe! Serious serious flow restriction going on there…

(The Descendant one is larger, less restrictive and shiny…I’m pretty sure shiny means better)

No good build is completed until you’ve sacrificed some blood to the car gods. I took this picture in the beginning of the build to show my chuffed knuckle and the (hard to see) really really deep cut on my middle finger. I have many more cuts on my arms, knuckles, palm, and fingers from this. Let no man question the blood and sweat I put into my car.

(Blood for the car gods)

And finally, check the progress. It’s hard to see as I didn’t have a lot of room and the garage is too dark for my little camera, but it’s certainly startin’ to look like a full turbo kit.

Makin’ progress here! Stay tuned!

– Steve’s arms look like he climbed through a thorn bush for an hour

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Slight progress

June 8, 2010 1 comment
Well, after almost a full month of waiting for the full kit to be here, I’ve got the manifold in hands and I’ve started putting stuff together. To be fair, I don’t really have any instructions (supposedly they were supposed to be included, but oh well…) so I’m working it out as best I can. The going is slow, but I’ve already got the very sexy manifold (see below) on the car and the turbo, WG, dump tube (it’s open dump…holy crap this is going to be loud) on the car.

I’m going to run my older tapped oil pan and oil drain lines, but otherwise everything is really really nice looking and fitting…once I figure out how everything is going to fit.

It looks like I might be missing a silicone coupler, and I’m currently not 100% sure how to clock the turbo to a location that doesn’t put the compressor outlet pointing directly at my radiator cooling far, but we’re getting there.

Stay tuned!
– Steve is slowly getting closer

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F’d again

June 2, 2010 3 comments

Remember that time I was supposed to have all the parts I needed for the turbo kit to be complete? Yea, that didn’t happen. UPS found an exciting new way to screw me over…Guess we’ll just wait one more week until I get my parts.

(Exact reaction I had when I found out the good news)

I’ll update when I have something to update about. Sorry there haven’t been a many posts on Mediocre recently…this whole ordeal has really taken the wind out of my sails. Once I get everything – someday – I’ll start posting again and the site will be back in its usual awesome form.

– Steve can’t even comprehend how this is taking so long

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