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October 4, 2010 4 comments

It’s sometimes hard to get, or stay, motivated on a particular project especially after you’ve been working on it for a long time. I’m sure there have been times when we’ve all sat there and looked at the mountain of work ahead of us and just couldn’t even bring ourselves to raise a hand to even start the project.

(Wrong kind of “raising a hand”, but this made more sense for an image search)

Motiviation doesn’t always come to you so sometimes you need to get up and motivate yourself. Take a look at the list of things you need to accomplish (you DID create a list like I suggested…right?) and then look for the things that you either: a) NEED to complete the most or b) WANT to complete the most. Once you find something interesting or important you’ll have a set goal and you can break down that big pile of parts into a set list of things to accomplish. One of my favorite quotes is from Henry Ford and is perfectly applicable to this post: “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs

(Henry Ford…better than you at just about everything…)

Needs some further motiviation? Take a break. Wait, that sounds counter-intuitive right? I’m serious though, take a break and rest your brain a little. I’m not telling you to slack here, this is supposed to be focused time for you to cool off the brain and entice it with things to come and the potential end result of what you’re looking to accomplish. Hit some forums and look for inspiration. Watch some videos of your favorite driver/car/race league/boobs and derive guidance from there. With something to work towards and some drive to get to it your project will start to get done bit by bit until you take your next break and look back over all that work you just accomplished.

(Upwards facing short exhausts and 2-step testing make for awesomeness)

In the end your build only moves as fast as you do and if you have all the parts, but none of the motivation your build will stagnate and become a burden. So grab a beer, roll up your sleeves, and get in there. No more excuses!

-Steve liked the “grab a beer” part of the advice the best

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